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 Naruto Ninja Ranks

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Academy Students

This rank is for the students at the ninja academy. Once the future ninjas graduate at the academy they'll advance in rank.


Once a academy student finishes the academy they'll get promoted to Genin. They'll then be placed in a 3 man group lead by a Jounin wich will be their Teacher (sensei).
Naruto was placed in a team together with Sasuke and Sakura. Their sensei was Hatake Kakashi, the Copy Ninja.


Kisame is one of the 7 swordsman of the Mist. He carries a huge razor shaped sword with him and is the partner of Uchiha Itachi.


This is a very hard rank to get and only very skillfull ninjas can become this rank. Before you can get this rank you need to be a Chuunin. All jounins you

Special Jounin

This rank is pretty much the same as the Jounin rank. The only difference is that you need to be specialed in a certain skill. For example you're a medical ninja and you're an expert on the human body and you reach the Jounin rank you'll be called a Special Jounin.


Shanin are elite ninjas with who have been trained by the Hokage him/her self. There're only 3 people who are good enough to carry this title. Tsunade, Orochimaru and the pervert Jiraiya. A normal jounin won't stand a change against a Senin and will easily get crushed.


This is the highest normal rank a ninja can achieve. A kage is the leader and strongest ninja of a village. A kage has alot of special abilitys and have amazing powers.
Some special ranks:

Ninja Council

The council works together with the Kage to run the village. They provide information to the Kage about missions and help him/her to protect the village.

Medical Ninja

By following a special medical training program, ninjas can becoma a Medical Ninja.
These ninjas can control their chakra extremly good and use their chakra to heal wounds of their teammates.
They also know the Human body very good wich gives them an adventage in battle.


ANBU is a organisation set up by the Uchiha Family in order to protect Konoha Village.
ANBU members are specially trained, extremly powerfull ninjas wich use a katana in battle.
They're most of the time stronger than a normal Jounin and are recognizable by the outfit they're wearing and the mask.
The leader of ANBU has a white suit and every single mask is different.

Hunter Ninja

Hunter Ninja's are special trained ninj's that hunt down Criminals.
They're are specialised in pursueing and taking down any enemy they incounter with.
The criminal ninjas they chase are called Missing-Nins.
When a Missin-Nin gets caught, they'll be killed and their body including any secret they carry with them will be destroyed.

Missing Ninja

Ninjas are considered Missing-Nins when they leave their village without reason or betray it.
They are hunted on so they're usually on the run. They ain't allowed to go in any village so they live in the forest most of the time.
You can recognize them by the Head Protector with the scratch trough their village logo.
Examples of missing nins are Uchiha Itachi who killed his whole clan except for his little brother Sasuke.
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Naruto Ninja Ranks
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