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 Multi-Size Technic

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The Multi-Size Technique, Baika no Jutsu, Viz "The Art of Expansion", "Expansion Jutsu" is the signature ability of the Akimichi clan. The ability increases the user's body size (as well as their clothing) by using up their stored food energy, converting calories into chakra.[16] Akimichi clan members tend to eat fattening foods and have large physiques in order to support this technique. The proportions that the user's body increases to seems to depend on the level of expertise; when Choji Akimichi performs this technique in Part I it causes him to take on a round appearance, yet his Part II counterpart as well as his father are able to use the technique to make themselves the size of buildings. Older Akimichi use further variants of this ability such as the Partial Multi-Size Technique , Bubun Baika no Jutsu, "Partial Expansion Jutsu", which allows them to increase the size of only parts of their body. Once an Akimichi has large enough chakra reserves they can also perform the Super Multi-Size Technique, Chō Baika no Jutsu, "Super Expansion Jutsu" to increase their body's size to gigantic proportions. Akimichi often used their increased size to perform other jutsu, taking advantage of their bigger mass to make their attacks more potent.

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Multi-Size Technic
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