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 Mind Body Switch

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The Mind Body Switch Technique Shintenshin no Jutsu, Viz "Art of the Valentine","Mind Transfer Jutsu" is the signature ability of the Yamanaka clan. With it, the user sends their mind into a target's body (human or animal), supplanting the target's mind with their own. Though normally used as a spying jutsu, it can also be used in battle with several major drawbacks. First, the user's spirit travels slowly, making it easy to dodge. If the user misses their target, they are left helpless until their spirit returns to their body, which takes several minutes. Second, even if the technique does work, the user's ability to stay in an enemy's body is determined by how fatigued they are. The user can be forced out if facing a strong enough will, are too tired, or if the target is in incredible pain. Finally, any damage the user suffers while possessing another is transferred to their original body. Therefore, if the target dies, so does the user.

Once the Mind Body Switch Technique has been mastered, a Yamanaka is entitled to learn the Mind Body Disturbance Technique , Shinranshin . Rather than transfer the user's consciousness to another's body, this jutsu sends a spirit of confusion into a target, causing them to attack their allies. Although the target is aware of what they are doing, they are unable to stop themselves. For this particular jutsu, the user is able to stay in their own body, unlike its predecessor; however, the user must maintain the hand seal used to activate it.

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Mind Body Switch
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