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 The Dead Consuming Seal

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The Dead Demon Consuming Seal , Shiki Fūjin, "Reaper Death Seal" is a seal created by the Fourth Hokage that invokes the powers of the death god (shinigami, simply dubbed the "reaper" in the English version). Once called upon, the death god hovers behind the user and remains invisible to the opponent until it has grasped their soul. Once summoned, the death god reaches its arm into the summoner, signifying the hold it has upon their soul. After the sealing is completed the death god consumes the user's soul soon afterwards, killing them. Once a soul has been eaten by the death god it resides within the god's stomach, destined to do battle with its fellow souls for all eternity.

Unlike many of the other seals used throughout the series, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal has served different purposes for each of its uses. When first used by the Fourth, it sealed the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox within Naruto Uzumaki. Once the fox was sealed within Naruto, the Fourth used a Four Symbols Seal, Shishō Fūin, "Double Tetragram Seal" and the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, Hakke no Fūin Shiki?, "Eight Signed Seal") so that the demon fox's chakra could mix with Naruto's. When later used by the Third Hokage's shadow clones, the Dead Demon Consuming Seal sealed the souls of the First and Second Hokage within the clones' bodies. In this instance, the death god consumed the Hokage's souls in addition to the souls of the clones, suggesting that it consumes whatever souls are present within the user's body. When the actual Third Hokage uses the seal, it sealed Orochimaru's arms, preventing their use.

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The Dead Consuming Seal
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