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Summons are typically called forth in a puff of smoke with the Summoning Technique , Kuchiyose no Jutsu, Viz "Shinobi Conjuration", "Summoning Jutsu", or any number of variations thereof. Before a summoning can be performed, the user sometimes signs a contract with their own blood, each contract differing depending on what creature is to be summoned or if they need it at all. The summoner performs the proper hand seals and with additional blood on either the summoning scroll or symbols etched into the ground, walls, trees etc. to then perform the summoning jutsu. The amount of chakra offered at this time is directly proportionate to the size of the summoned creature, making summons such as Gamabunta a Kage-level feat. Summons have their own abilities that they can use by themselves or in conjunction with the summoner. Some summons are so powerful or they may simply not respect the summoner so that they may even challenge the summoner, or will demand something in order to contribute to the reason for their summon.

Weapons can be called forth in a similar fashion with Projectile Weapons , Tobidōgu. Unlike the summoning of creatures, which are brought from their place of residence to serve the summoner, weapons are generally contained within the summoning scroll. Summoning scrolls often contain weapons that would be cumbersome to carry for their owner, either due to the weapon's size or the sheer volume of different weapons. Like almost all Summoning Techniques, a donation of blood is required to summon said items.

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