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Sasuke using Chidori

Chidori literally "One Thousand Birds" is an example of nature manipulation created by Kakashi Hatake after he failed to infuse his own nature manipulation with the Rasengan. The Chidori requires the user to channel a great deal of lightning-based chakra to their hand, so much so that the ordinarily invisible chakra becomes visible to the naked eye. Due to the high concentration of electricity the attack creates, it emits a sound that is reminiscent of chirping birds (hence the name). Once the attack is formed the user rushes at their opponent and thrusts their arm into a certain part of the body, such as the heart. While the technique is usually fatal to its target, the speed at which the user moves causes them to experience tunnel vision, leaving them open for attack. If the user possesses a Sharingan, however, they are able to take in more detail while moving, allowing them to avoid counterattacks.

The Chidori requires a great deal of control in order to be properly utilized; Kakashi, being the creator of the technique, has reached the peak of control over the ability. Because of this, Kakashi's version is referred to as the Lightning Blade a higher ranked form of the ability with which he once split a bolt of lightning, according to Might Guy (hence the name). Due to the high levels of chakra required to form the technique, those able to perform it are limited to very few usages a day. Kakashi is only able to use his Lighting Blade four times a day in Part I. In Part II, while there is no indication his capacity has increased, he is seen collecting lightning-chakra to his hands multiple times, though they are never named as Chidori or the Lightning Blade. In Part II Kakashi has demonstrated the ability to deflect a high level lightning attack by generating a Lightning Blade in each hand.Kakashi teaches the Chidori to Sasuke Uchiha in Part I, who is only able to perform it twice a day under his own power. While his maximum number of usages in Part II has yet to be seen, he has used the fundamental behind the Chidori to create a number of lightning-based attacks.

In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 and 3 the Lightning Blade of the character ANBU Kakashi is named Young Thunder , Wakaki Ikazuchi. However, its difference with the basic version is unknown. Kakashi also employs another variations of the Lightning Blade in the game.

IGN, a popular multimedia and reviews website, ranks Chidori in the 2nd spot of the Top Ten Naruto Techniques.The Chidori has ranked 2nd in every official Shonen Jump popularity jutsu polls and once 1st in polls of the first Databook, while the Lightning Blade has ranked 3rd once.

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