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The Rasengan "Spiraling Sphere", Viz "Spiral Chakra Sphere" is a technique invented by the Fourth Hokage after three years of development. It requires no hand signs to perform, instead relying entirely on the chakra control of the user. The Rasengan grinds into whatever it touches, causing major damage as well as significant internal injury. If need be the potency of the attack can be lessened to keep from harming the target.

The level of chakra control required is very high, and because of this the teaching of this jutsu is split into three steps. The first, emphasizing rotation, has the user learn to pop a water balloon by spinning the water inside in multiple directions with their chakra. The second step, emphasizing power, requires the same be done with a solid rubber ball, forcing the user to rely on denser amounts of chakra to permeate the air within and break it. The final step, emphasizing control, has the user form a complete Rasengan by combining what they learned in the previous two steps and making a ball shape shell around the spinning chakra to hold it in regular shape. A regular balloon is often used to train making the shell. Minato taught the Rasengan to his student Kakashi Hatake, and his former teacher Jiraiya who in turn teaches it to Naruto Uzumaki.

While most users of this jutsu are skilled enough to perform it with one hand, Naruto uses three or more hands with the aid of a shadow clone – one hand to supply chakra and the others to spin and shape it. The use of shadow clones was originally a workaround that allowed him to master this high-level technique successfully and in a very short amount of time. He continues to use them ever since, since shadow clones are almost effortless for him to create and allow him to lessen the concentration required.

The Rasengan was created as the ultimate example of chakra form manipulation. However, Minato had intended to combine it with nature manipulation, which proved to be as impossible as "looking left and right at the same time". Minato and Kakashi have both been unsuccessful in the attempt. In Part II, Naruto finally accomplishes the feat by using two shadow clones – one to manipulate form, one to manipulate nature to infuse the Rasengan with his own wind-based chakra, and even goes on to create variants of the jutsu.

During each of the Naruto movies, Naruto mixes his Rasengan with a form of energy unique to the movie, creating a new, stronger variant of the jutsu. In Naruto: Ultimate Ninja series, Jiraiya and Naruto can create many variations of the Rasengan.

IGN, a popular multimedia and reviews website, calls mentions the Rasengan as the best jutsu in the series mentioning it is it worth the effort to perform it focusing on its spinning effect. The Rasengan has ranked 1st in every official Shonen Jump popularity jutsu polls.

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