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The Puppet Technique , Kugutsu no Jutsu, Viz "Art of the Puppet Master", "Puppet Master Jutsu" was created in order to convert a form of entertainment into a style of combat. The technique utilizes strings of chakra extending from the user's fingers to control a puppet's movements. Those who can effectively use this ability are rare, but once mastered the user can hide in a safe location while his puppet does the work for him. Skilled puppeteers are able to manipulate multiple puppets simultaneously, with Chiyo being able to use each of her ten fingers to control a different puppet. These chakra strings also allow puppeteers to manipulate other people or objects, controlling their movements to help or hinder their progress in battle.

The art of puppetry varies in usage from person to person, as puppets can be equipped with an array of different weapons and tools to make a battle easier. Puppeteers can also combine the abilities of their puppets to increase their effectiveness; Kankuro, for example, can use one of his puppets to capture an enemy while a second bombards them with weapons, killing them. Standard puppets, however, are limited to attacks not dependent on chakra, as soulless beings cannot utilize it. Sasori has created a workaround for this shortcoming by converting the body of a still-living person into a puppet. Because they were once human, these puppets are able to perform jutsu, giving them a drastic advantage over other puppets.

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