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The Byakugan Byakugan? literally "White Eye," English manga "Evil Eye" is an eye technique that naturally occurs in members of the Hyuga clan. Byakugan users are characterized by their lavender, pupil-less eyes. When the Byakugan is activated, their pupils somewhat appear and the veins near their temples bulge. Possessors of the Byakugan are also capable of using the Gentle Fist style of combat.

A person with the Byakugan has a nearly 360 degree field of vision, except for a small blind spot at the back of the neck above the third vertebrate. Byakugan users can detect anything around them within a small radius, the greater the users skill with the Byakugan the larger the radius is, which makes them close-range combat experts. Neji Hyuga manages to increase the radius from 50 meters to over 800 meters during the timeskip. The Byakugan also gives the user the ability to see through basically any matter over extremely long distances. A small degree of telescopic vision is also present, as a Byakugan user can focus on a single object at any point within their range of vision. The degree of focus seems to be dependent on the skill of the user. The Byakugan's insight capacity makes it useful for searching, tracking, and identifying targets.

Protection of the Byakugan ability is very important to the Hyuga clan, and has led to the development of an elaborate family hierarchy. Members of the lesser branch house are branded with a cursed seal on their forehead at a young age. Whenever a branch house member dies, the cursed seal will seal the Byakugan ability so that enemies will not be able to discover its secrets. Its secondary purpose is to control the branch house, since it can be activated at will by a main house member with a hand seal that only they know about. It works by destroying the wearer's brain cells.

IGN, a popular multimedia and reviews website, ranks Byakugan in the 3rd spot of the Top Ten Naruto Techniques mentioning the applications for this kind of technique in everyday use are infinite in number.
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